Your Expertise Matters

consultant: /kənˈsəltnt/
noun a person who provides expert guidance professionally

Synonyms for consultant include advisor, guide, counsellor, expert. And that’s what you do—use your expertise to help others grow their businesses. But before you get to use your expertise, you have to sell your services to people who need it. This is perhaps the least favorite part of your job. Why? Because selling services seems difficult. In consulting, there is a lot of competition for prospects to sift through. How do you stand out? How do you sell to people who aren’t even sure what they might need?

We can help. Consultants that I work with all understand that growing their client base is important to growing their business—but they need help getting that process under control. I work with consultants to build sales processes so they can do more of what they love—providing expertise to their clients. Growth for your consulting business is possible, and we can help.

Do you wonder:

  • Why is selling so hard?
  • Where do I start
  • Why don’t my calls get returned?
  • How do I compete against the other consultants out there?
  • Why don’t my current clients refer my services to their network?
  • How can I find higher value clients who respect the need for expert advice?

Selling to your prospective consulting clients isn’t magic. If you have a passion for using your expertise to help companies grow, then you’ve got what it takes to have a thriving consulting business. The “sales” piece is simply another set of skills that, as a business owner, you need to add to your toolbox. We can help. We can grow you past the uncomfortable aspects of selling to the place where you are just as comfortable turning that prospect into a client as you are with sharing your unique skills.

What Consultants Had To Say

HOW WE CAN HELP YOU GROW YOUR consulting Business

Sales Automation for Consulting Practices

Sales Automation Solutions tailored to your business offer you consistency and efficiency that drives big results.

Sales Coaching for Consulting Professionals

Sales Coaching to grow you as a solopreneur with expert guidance and performance improvement.

Sales Training for Consultants

Sales Training to hone your skills, teach new processes, and empower you for success; it’s ROI you can bank on.

Sales consulting for Consulting Practices

Sales Consulting to add value to your operations, impact to your sales, and solutions for your pressing needs

Websites for Consulting Practices

Website Development services so your website functions well and is designed to clearly present your expertise to prospective clients.

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