Sell Your Legal Nurse Expertise

When the world of medicine and legal proceedings overlap, lawyers, prosecutors, other law professionals, or insurance companies need to know who to call. You! Helping laypeople understand the complex terminology and medical aspects of a case is your specialty. You are a legal nurse consultant. But are you a salesperson?

You need to be, if you want prospective clients to use your services over the other options out there. Selling your legal nurse consulting services is important to the growth of your business. But the sales piece isn’t the fun part, is it? Legal Nurse Consultants I work with initially say that they find it difficult to sell their services and grow their client base. Growth for your legal nurse consulting practice is possible, and we can help.

Do you wonder:

  • Why is selling so hard?
  • Where do I start?
  • Why don’t my calls get returned?
  • How do I compete against other legal nurse consultants
  • Why don’t my current clients refer my practice to their network?
  • How can I find higher value clients who respect my expertise?

Selling to your prospective legal nurse consulting clients isn’t magic. If you have a passion for using your expertise to bring clarity and medical expertise to a legal case, then you’ve got what it takes to have a thriving consulting practice. The “sales” piece is simply another set of skills that, as a business owner, you need to add to your toolbox. We can help. We can grow you past the uncomfortable aspects of selling to the place where you are just as comfortable turning that prospect into a client as you are taking the stand.

Our clients say

Although I have over 10 years of professional sales experience, I felt the need to update and improve my knowledge base and marketing skills, especially within the social media arena. I hired Colin to assist me in this endeavor. Though well-versed in all aspects of sales, Colin’s tailored his training specifically to promoting my legal nurse consulting business. He understood who my clients were and gave me valuable insight into marketing to this specific target audience. Colin’s expertise in selling yourself through personal interaction, telephone or email communication, and social media is outstanding. An added benefit is the step-by-step, written guidelines Colin provides to assist in your sales and marketing endeavors. And should you require the development of marketing materials or a website, Colin’s proficiency in this endeavor is invaluable. As a marketing and sales trainer, Colin was always available for in-depth telephone conferences or just answering a quick question when immediate assistance was required. Colin’s knowledge base is all-encompassing, his support ongoing, and I believe I received more than a return on my investment. For Colin, nothing is more important than a favorable result for his client. Whether a new LNC or a seasoned professional, I highly recommend Colin to give you all the tools needed to grow your LNC into a successful and profitable business.

Nena Hester

Nena Hester

Hester Legal Nurse Consulting


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