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Buying professional services can be a difficult task for your prospective clients.  How you promote and sell your services can make a huge difference to your business.  With over 30 years of experience in selling professional services we can help you gain a competitive advantage in your market.

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Colin Parker

How Many Words in a Speech

Have you ever spoken at an event and about two-thirds of the way through your presentation they give you the signal for five minutes left?  You go into hyperdrive, talking faster and skipping slides, just hoping to get to that last third.  The problem is you are now rushing the part of the speech that

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Colin Parker

Stop Comparing Your Business to Others

We live in an impatient world where if something takes longer than we think it should, we immediately start wondering what is wrong.  “What the heck is going on in the kitchen – I ordered my food ten minutes ago!”  “Why the heck haven’t they started boarding my flight?”  If you are a solopreneur, the

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Colin Parker

Five Things To Do After Losing A Sales Opportunity

Losing an opportunity is never easy and can cost you time, energy, money and a little bit of your confidence.  After a loss, it is easy to just walk away and pretend like it never happened and look for another opportunity to work on, but that might not be the best thing for your business. 

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Our extensive expertise will make sure that yours is a SUCCESS STORY once again!

Colin is one of the most brilliant sales minds I've ever talked to. I've worked with many, but none like him.
Chris McHenry
President Wilden Environment
Colin has been instrumental in designing and maintaining our sales and marketing automation. What I most appreciate about Colin is his deep understanding of sales and marketing coupled with a gift for systems and technology. This is a difficult pairing to find. I highly recommend Colin for anyone (especially solopreneurs) who want to automate their business processes.
Clint Best
Owner Kaizen Business Development

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You don’t want the promise of a free phone call that is thinly disguised as a sales pitch. You need action. Schedule a 15-minute “Call to Action” in which you can speak with Colin to receive solid sales advice. You’ll get clarity and direction that you can use immediately. No catch. In 15 minutes, we know we can stimulate your thinking when it comes to sales for your business. We’ll even send you a video replay of the call so you can review the discussion and don’t feel you have to scramble to take notes while we are talking.

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