LinkedIn Private Sales Coaching


LinkedIn Private Sales Coaching  is designed to teach professionals like accountants, bookkeepers, consultants, engineers and lawyers how to use LinkedIn as a strategic sales tool. LinkedIn Private Sales Coaching is designed to help you sell more professional services in ways that are compatible with your profession. You will learn how to effectively use LinkedIn.

Our LinkedIn Private Sales Coaching helps you to:

  1. Create an effective LinkedIn professional profile
  2. Build and leverage a professional networking strategy with LinkedIn
  3. Develop a list of prospects within your target audience using LinkedIn
  4. Use LinkedIn to research and prepare for sales opportunities
  5. Promote and grow your organization’s profile using LinkedIn Groups
  6. Set up an effective LinkedIn Company profile designed specifically for your target audience
  7. Use LinkedIn applications to drive traffic to your corporate website

Our LinkedIn Private Sales Coaching includes:

  1. LinkedIn personal profile assessment
  2. A two hour private on-line go-to-meeting session designed specifically for you
  3. On-line training modules and workbooks covering:
        • Creating a professional profile
        • Networking strategies and tactics
        • Prospecting strategies and tactics
        • Demonstrating expertise on LinkedIn
        • Using LinkedIn to promote your organization
  4. Two (2) monthly private on-line coaching sessions to reinforce learning
  5. Tips, techniques and tactics delivered to your inbox

LinkedIn Private Sales Coaching  has been specifically designed to help you generate a strong network, target decision makers, and, ultimately, generate more sales opportunities for your business.

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