Tired of Hiring Sales People Who Disappoint Rather Than Deliver?

Often the best (and only) opportunity your new sales person closed was you on hiring them.  Too often new salespeople are more likely to disappoint you rather than deliver the sales you expected.

Small business owners often go 9 months or longer before realizing the “Hunter” sales person they hired is  more prey than hunter.  The cost of hiring the wrong sales person are staggering forget wages and benefits the real loss is opportunity, some studies estimate that one year with a bad salesperson can be over $250,000 (The study included lost salary, benefits and opportunity costs).

sales-drive-competitiveThat is why we have partnered with SalesDrive LLC and offer their DriveTest product.  The DriveTest is the only pre-employment, online sales test available that helps you determine whether your candidates have the most critical personality trait for success at sales: Drive. Drive is the passion and determination that causes top producers to stop at nothing in their quest for success. Of all pre employment, online sales tests, the DriveTest allows you to interview only high-potential candidates, dramatically increasing the quality of your applicant pool. As described in our book Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, over 80 years of sales research has shown that Drive consists of three critical personality traits.

SalesDrive Sales Assesment

1. Need for Achievement. The intense desire to attain excellence and accomplish challenging goals, found in athletes like Tiger Woods.

2. Competitiveness. The unquenchable thirst to outperform one’s peers and win the customer over to your point of view, found in athletes like Michael Jordan.

3. Optimism.The certainty and resiliency that will not be denied, found in athletes like David Beckham.

The DriveTest, our online sales test, measures each of these three elements, and combines them into a total Drive score. This score indicates whether your sales candidate has the potential to be a top producer, giving you the power to select and interview only high-potential candidates.

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