Sep, 2017

Are You Sales Ready?

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It is forest fire season where I live, which means that I may need to leave my home on short notice should a fire break out. With predictions of a long, hot summer, residents are encouraged to have a “Grab and Go” kit at the ready.

A Grab and Go kit is a bag you leave packed with essentials you might need for 72 hours away from your house. Being prepared in advance helps reduce stress when an evacuation order is issued.

Now, this blog post is not about forest fires and what you should keep in your Grab and Go bag, but it is about having a Sales Readiness kit ready and available. It is not as critical as a Grab and Go kit, but you might not think so when you’re about to go into a big meeting and you dump a cup of coffee down the front of your shirt.

For years I have carried around a small bag in the trunk of my car with my Sales Readiness kit which includes everything I might need in case of a problem.  Here is what I keep in my sales readiness kit:

Change of Clothes

I keep an extra shirt, pants, socks, and shoes in the bag.  You never know when a lunch time accident can leave you needing a change.

Pens and Notebooks

It is always good to have something to write with and of course, write on.  Over my career, I cannot tell you how often I have used this and been thankful that I have the back-up available if I forget my notebook or a pen.

Box of Business Cards

I keep a small box of about fifty business cards in the trunk.  When I get new cards, I just get them to print fifty extra cards and put them in a small box.  My local printer throws them in for me as a thank you.

Charger Cables

With more and more reliance on mobile devices, it is important to be able to charge your phone, computer, or even a tablet. I keep a wide variety of cables and cords that I think might come in handy USB to mini USB, USB to micro USB. As you buy new devices, you always get more cords so I just keep the extra ones I own stored in a case.

Travel Sized Toiletries

I keep shampoo, soap, mouthwash, toothbrush, tooth paste, Pepto-Bismol, disposable razor, towel  and a comb. I have been caught in snow storms and have been unable to return home and either slept in a hotel or at least once in the Jeep.

Portable File Storage

I keep a couple of USB sticks in case a client or prospect wants to give me files. As time goes on I use these less and less as more people get comfortable with Dropbox to share files.


A selection of batteries, mostly AA and AAA batteries, in a small hard case is handy to have. The hard case protects the bag in case they leak.

USB Presentation Remote

Every time I buy some new technology like a new USB Presentation Remote I put the older model in the kit. I always remove the batteries just in case.

First Aid Kit

I have a full blown first aid kit in my Jeep, so I no longer have this in my kit, but previously I kept a simple first aid kit with mostly band aids, gauze, and tape. Nothing big but just enough should a need occur.


One box of wet naps is very handy for cleaning your hands when you are near a restroom. I recently had to change a tire on the roadside. A few wet naps and I was good to go.

Water and Energy Bars,

Sometimes a long day can turn into a really long day, so it is good to have some stuff should you get stuck. I live in a mountain valley which sometimes has me crossing mountain passes, and during the winter I have spent long hours in the car waiting for the highway to reopen or even slept in the car.

I keep my sales Readiness kit in a small gym bag in the back-seat of the Jeep, on the floor out of the way. In my phone, I make an appointment with myself on a Friday night to bring it in to refresh it. I rotate the clothes out to make sure they are appropriate for the upcoming season. I will replenish anything I have used during the week or stuff I think might be getting a little old. I leave it by the door to take back down to the Jeep on Monday morning.


What would you include in your sales readiness kit? Tell us in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Are You Sales Ready?

  1. Jennifer

    Great advice! I just have to say female sales people probably pioneered this practice. It’s just one or two steps removed from the overnight bag that doubled for purses in college.


  2. Kelly

    This is actually a really great idea – and one that I’ve not thought of before. I would probably add a spare pair of shoes to my Sales Readiness kit as well. The snacks are definitely a great idea – I’m not very productive when I get hungry, and the charging cables are also a great idea. My phone always tends to run out of battery, and though I usually carry a spare cable in the car, this often goes missing.


  3. Mitchell

    Hey.. Your list is a comprehensive one. I’d consider mostly clothes and first aid kit and also toiletries – I never forget these three, others, I’d forget at times. I think I will have a look at your list again and add one more to my unforgettable list, Lol. Thanks for the nice post.


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