Sales Proposal That Close

Are you are interested in improving the effectiveness of your sales proposals, don’t miss your chance to attend our sales proposal webinar. A great proposal just will help you:
  • win more business
  • allow you to shorten your sales cycle.
  • differentiate you from your competitors

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn new strategies to improve your sales win percentage.

Bonuses3 Bonus: Two Free Sales Proposals Templates that you can use and customize for your own business.

Never Hire A Bad Sales Person Again

Tired of hiring sales people who disappoint rather than deliver? Listen to Colin Parker of Lonestar Sales Performance speak with special guest Dr. Christopher Croner on finding sales people who are true hunters. Learn why your current hiring practice might not be getting you the A players your team requires.


Sales is Changing Are You?

The world of sales is changing but has your business? We have seen more change in the last 10 years in sales than any time before. These changes are already affecting your sales. In this webinar we will talk about the major changes that have taken place, and how you must take advantage of them and master them to sell and succeed.

Leaking Bucket (3D illustration over white background)

Fixing Follow Up Failure

You want more sales, who doesn’t. Clients come to me looking for the silver bullet that will allow start the phone ringing with people who want to throw money at them. If I could do that I would be sitting on a beach somewhere not working on my own business. Before you rush off and think that you have to generate more traffic you should fix your sales process for handling traffic and leads you already have coming that are leaking out of your funnel. Take the first step by watching our Fixing Your Follow Up Funnel presentation. Getting more sales starts with converting more of the leads you already have then to grow it is a matter of driving more traffic through your fine tuned funnel.